Yanpei Cao, Head of Research at Tripo – Generative AI and 3D technologies

May 29, 2024

Yanpei Cao is the Head of Research and a founding team member of Tripo (https://www.tripo3d.ai/). Previously, he was a principal researcher at Tencent ARC Lab (https://arc.tencent.com/en/index) and Tencent AI Lab (https://ai.tencent.com/ailab/en/index), where he led research in 3D digitization, generation, and immersive content creation. Before joining Tencent, Yanpei worked as a senior research engineer at Y-tech, Kuaishou Technology (https://www.kuaishou.com/en), and served as the CTO of Owlii (https://pitchbook.com/profiles/company/171393-49), which was acquired by Kuaishou.

He received his PhD from the Graphics and Geometric Computing Group at Tsinghua University (https://cg.cs.tsinghua.edu.cn/), where he was advised by Prof. Shi-Min Hu. He also spent a semester as a visiting PhD student at the Computer Graphics Group at RWTH Aachen University (https://www.graphics.rwth-aachen.de/), advised by Prof. Leif Kobbelt. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Tsinghua University.

About Tripo:
Tripo is a Gen AI startup dedicated to enabling everyone to become super creators in the 3D era. Its mission is to break down the barriers to creative expression and communication, opening up a world of possibilities. Since its launch in early 2024, Tripo has empowered creators worldwide to generate nearly 2M 3D models. Tripo has established commercial partnerships with over 200 global clients and has attracted a user base of 100K.

On the research front, the team actively contributes to the academic community, presenting at top-tier conferences like SIGGRAPH, CVPR, and ICLR. Tripo is particularly proud of its contributions to open-source projects, such as TripoSR (https://github.com/VAST-AI-Research/TripoSR), a fast and feed-forward image-to-3D model developed in collaboration with Stability AI.

Relevant Links:
Tripo Web App: https://www.tripo3d.ai/app
Tripo API Platform: https://platform.tripo3d.ai/
Tripo X Account: https://twitter.com/tripoai
Tripo Discord: https://discord.gg/tripoai

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