Software engineer and Augmented Reality specialist.  Mojtaba Tabatabaie, the producer of AllThingsXR podcast has been researching on augmented reality since 2010 and did his thesis on Augmented Reality. In 2012 he founded PendAR (, an augmented reality focused company. PendAR makes augmented reality software and apps and introduced augmented reality in MENA in 2012 with “Runna AR”. Mojtaba has worked on many AR applications in different industries like Petropars AR which was the world’s first augmented reality application in Oil&Gas field that demonstrated Iran’s 12th phase of oil&gas. He’s currently the CEO of Alpha Reality ( Alpha Reality is working on cutting edge technologies on Indoor Navigation, Face Recognition, Computer Vision and AI.
Mojtaba also writes in different tech blogs about AR/VR, you can find his works on tech blogs like VentureBeat, Gigaom, Wired, etc.