Episode 29 : Neil Mathew – Pivoting from the original idea

November 4, 2021

In this episode of the AllThingsXR podcast, I have a conversation with Neil Mathew. Co-Founder Placenote.

Neil Mathew is the co-founder of Placenote, the company that built the first AR Cloud SDK for ARKit. He’s a Y-Combinator alumnus and has been working at the intersection of AR and computer vision since 2015.

Starting from the simple use case of placing virtual sticky notes in the real world, Placenote grew into a platform for indoor navigation, 3D scanning, and multiplayer AR. In 2020, Placenote launched their first standalone product, Dabble, an interior design app that uses Placenote’s computer vision platform to help people design physical spaces better on the web.Neil has a Master’s in Robotics from the University of Waterloo, where he built path planning algorithms for self-driving vehicles, visual positioning technology for hip replacement surgeries, and a Blackberry camera app that took pictures when you snapped your fingers, but he doesn’t like to talk about it. Through his work on Placenote and Dabble, Neil has become passionate about the trade-offs between UX and R&D in AR and spends a lot of time designing UX trade-offs to build products that seem to “just work” despite technology limitations.

You can reach Neil on Twitter @neilxm
You can check out Dabble here: https://dabble.so or @trydabble

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