Episode 18 : Dr. Sana Farid – The role of AR/VR in the Covid-19 era

September 9, 2020

In this episode of AllThingsXR podcast, we have a conversation with Dr. Sana Farid CEO at Munfarid group.

Pioneer in HealthTech, XR and Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare Futurist, an avid researcher determined to use future tech solutions for societal well-being. Her ongoing research with NGOs seeking to counter malnutrition and neonatal diseases in 3rd world countries, assisting them to develop awareness through immersive technologies and artificial intelligence. Having a background in General Surgery, and Simulation training, Dr. Sana Farid has contributions with RCSI, Stanford, and Oxford University. Awarded as leading women worldwide in AR/VR, she has had distinguished recognitions from Harvard Business Review, Forbes Middle East, and MIT.

She is the co-founder and CEO at Munfarid, a leader in XR, and the President of The VRAR Association MENA.

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